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Paxil, also referred to as Paroxetine, is an anti-depressant used to treat OCD, depression and anxiety. This anti-depressant is often prescribed due to the lower risk of side effects and toxicity levels in the body. There is a risk of withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing Paxil. It is better to gradually lower the loses under a doctor’s care, instead of stopping the medication suddenly. Always consult with your doctor about the best paxil dosage based on your age, medical condition and other medications you are currently taken. These factors are all taken into consideration before determining the best paxil dosage for your condition.

The general paxil dosage amount is 20 mg once a day. It is often best to take this dose right away in the morning. Treatment for panic disorder, elderly people or those suffering with liver or kidney problems should take a lower dose of 10 mg each day. Your doctor might increase or decrease your paxil dosage amount, so it is important to follow the doctor’s instructions to help him evaluate your dosing needs. The maximum Paxil dose for depression or post-traumatic stress disorder is no more than 50 mg each day. A maximum dose of 60 mg each day is recommended for OCD and anxiety.

Paxil needs to build up in your body before you begin to feel the effect, usually about two weeks after starting the medication. Avoid crushing or taking the pills, it is best to swallow them whole for a time release effect. A liquid Paxil medication should be shaken well before taking to make sure the medication is distributed evenly throughout the suspension. The side effects of Paxil vary with each person. If the medication makes you feel drowsy, take it at bedtime to prevent problems during the day. If the medication prevents sleep at night, then take it in the morning. It is best to take the doctor prescribed paxil dose at the same time each day to keep an even amount of the medication in your blood level. This will keep your body regulated so there are no ups and downs from the Paxil medication.

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